Anti-Gas Boot Cover

Test item
Test method
Anti-toxic performance
Water seepage resistance
No water seepage
Acid and alkali resistance
The tensile strength changes are less than 30%
Tensile strength (upper of the boot cover)
Wear-resistance (Akron abrasion test)
GB/T 1689-1998
Flexibility resistance of the outsole
GB 20266-2006 Chemical resistant industrial rubber boots
Fleure 30000 times without crack
Anti slip performance of the outsole
The anti-skid coefficient shall not be less than 0.15


  • Butyl rubber material, Die-casting processing and overall seamless design offers this boot cover a very good protective performance. It has a good resistant performance against: chemical agents, radioactive dust and aerosol, biological viruses,acid,alkali and organic solvents.
  • The booting is made f pure rubber, which make it elasticity and comfortable. The wear-resistant and flexing resistance performance of the outsole is very good. We also used deep carving process to offer the outsole a good anti-skidding performance.
  • The anti-virus boot cover is divided into three types, namely L, M, S. The high elastic rubber fastening loop is set has three-level adjustment to improve the adaptability and movement flexibility.


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