Automatic Ambulance Stretcher

  • model No.: CR-16
  • Product size: 1930mmx550mmx800mm
  • Folding size: 1930mmx550mmx250mm
  • Weight: 45 kgs
  • Loading Capacity: 180Kg
  • Material: Aluminum


An automatic locking system secures both the front and rear legs simultaneously as the leg sections unfold.
Left-hand and right-hand control levers unlock the front and back legs respectively as the cot is prepared for loading.
Mattress material by the hot-sealing.


Only one person slide the stretcher on to the ambulance.The stretcher can be locked up after being aboard through the chute;

It is mainly used for ambulances, hospitals and emergency centers transferring the patient.

Mattress fabric and color also include safety belts models all can be customized.


Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions198 × 62 × 28 cm


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