Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher

  • model No.: DJCS0007
  • Product size: 1650*440*65mm
  • Weight: 4kgs
  • Loading Capacity: 220Kg
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber scoop stretcher, light weight, heavy load.
It can be applied to the firefighting and disaster relief market, and can also be resistantto low temperatures, suitable for use in such extremely cold regions as Russia.
X-ray transparent
Suitable for coal mines in special places, aircraft rescue, fire rescue, etc.. Compatible with most head immobilization devices and strap mechanisms.
Against high/low temperature, radio resistan, anti-corrison


This product is made of carbon fiber, very light and strong, about 4kg and Loading Capacity 250kg.

The length can be adjusted. It is equipped with safety belts, can be used for X-ray. MRI and CT.

Head immobilizer can be separated and fixed on the stretcher directly, it can save time during rescue, and also save space for stocking.

Additional information

Weight4.2 kg
Dimensions1780 × 440 × 65 cm


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