Cricothyroidotomy Kit


  • ITEM No.: CPSS0001

  • Size: 180x250mm

  • Weight: 123g



Provides all of the components necessary to conduct a surgical cricothyroidotomy correctly.

The ideal length and size tracheal tube with securing device in included.

Components configured in the sequence of use and ideal for low-light, battlefield environments.



  • 1X Bag
  • 1x Disposable Scalpel #10
  • 1x Sterile syringe 10cc
  • 1x Tube Securing Strap
  • 1x Tracheal Hook
  • 1x Wound Compress 2-Pack
  • 1x Tracheostomy Tube
  • 2x Alcohol Pad

Additional information

Weight0.123 kg
Dimensions18 × 25 cm


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