Hydrocolloid Dressing



Extra Thin Square Hydrocolloid Dressing is intended for superficial wounds, dry to lightly exudating dermal ulcers, and as a protective primary dressing.
The hydrocolloid dressing provides a waterproof barrier over the wound which helps protect it from contaminates.
The dressing can be removed from the wound without causing damage to the healing tissues.
The top of the dressing is smooth so as not to catch clothes or bedding. This helps cut down on painful friction. It is comfortable and flexible making it easy to mold and fit, even in difficult areas.
The dressing has an adhesive border and can be cut to fit. The dressing gels when it comes into contact with light exudate to avoid leakage around the bandage. The extended wear time helps cut down on dressing changes, making the hydrocolloid dressing more economical.


Dressing Size: 10cmX10cm (4in X 4in)
Quantity: 10pcs/box


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