• Model No.: SE
  • Product size: 220*160*150 mm
  • Weight: 1.2KG
  • Material: Polyester 600D
  • Color: 4 Options


Windlass Tourniquet *1
Chest seal 3 holes *2
Emergency Bandage,6” *1
Nasal Airway (NPA),28Fr *1
CPR Face Shield *1
Aluminum Splint,36” *1
Compressed Gauze,4.5”*4.1yd *1
Polycarbonate Eye Shield *1
DD 1380 Card *1
Burn Dressing,4”*4” *1
Adhesive Bandages Bundle *1
Triangular Bandage, 53”*38”*38” *1
Elastic Bandage Wrap,3”*5yd *1
Gauze sheet,5cm*5cm*2
Burn Gel,3g *1
Sting Relief Pads *2
Emergency Blanket,63”*83” *1
Medical Shears 1 pair(19cn)
Marker *1
Medical Tape *1
Tongue Depressor *1
Exam Gloves 1 pair
Safety Pins *6
First Aid Guide*1


Rhino Rescue Custom Mount System IFAK: AVersatile and Adaptable First Aid Solution
Presenting the Rhino Rescue Custom Mount System IFAK, a versatile and adaptable first aid kit designed to cater to the
unique needs ofvarious users.Whether you’re a first responder,outdoor enthusiast, or a professional, this customizable
IFAK is there to support you during emergency situations.

Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 50 cm


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