Israeli bandage 4inch

  • model No.: PZBD0032
  • Product size: 10cm*1.8m (Cotton pad 10cm*18cm)
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Material:70% cotton + 10%spandex+ 20%chemical fiber
  • Anti-drop: Prevent the bandage from unraveling.
  • Sterile Dressing: Keep the wound clean and pressure the wound firmly.
  • Elastic Wrap: Apply enhanced pressure to bring about hemostasis.
  • Pressure Applicator: Creating immediate pressure to the wound site.
  • Closure Bar: Enable closure and fixation of the bandage at any point.


The RHINO RESCUE Emergency Trauma Dressing consists of a resilient elastic wrap equipped with a sterile non-adherent pad, durable securing device and innovative Quick-Grip Roll Control configuration.
This combination facilitates a rapid, controlled, and extremely effective application process in the most demanding conditions.
It can also be used to sling and swath an arm, to secure splints to an extremity or to perform in any other function requiring an elastic wrap


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