Stair Stretcher

  • model No.: CR-H3
  • Product size: 220mmx51mmx106mm
  • Folding size: 88mmx51mmx135mm
  • Weight: 13 kgs
  • Loading Capacity: 160Kg
  • Material: Aluminum,PVC
The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and PVC seat.
Used for emergency staff transferring the patient to go up and down stair.
It has the characteristics of light weight.
Large load bearing, easy to fold and carry.


The stretcher is mainly used for transfer the patient up and down from stairs, or oyher narrow areas. It is made of high-strength aluminum with four wheels. The surface of the stretcher is made of leather fabric which can be take down for the zipper on back. The back of the stretcher designed with four folded handles. The stretcher with belts to make sure the patients safety during transfer the patients.

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Dimensions1020 × 530 × 270 cm


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