Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release

  • model No.: PZQX0005
  • Size: 10ga X 3.75″ (95mm)
  • Weight: 26g
Unique modeling design increases the friction when pulling out the needle cap
Include metric and imperial scales
Latest innovation in Needle Decompression technology
Sharp needle point for easier insertion
Detachable one-way valve
Familiar, rugged, pen-style case for ease of storage and deployment
Allows either lateral decompression or traditional anterior needle thoracostomy
Catheter made of flexible kink-resistant material with a soft tip
Single use only. Supplied sterile


Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release Is cathetered for use in the management of combat casualties who present with the signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax. The device features a sharp needle point, reducing the amount of force required to Insert the needle. The one-way valve can be removed from the needle and either reapplied to the catheter. Upon removal of the needle, the remaining catheter is a flexible, kink-resistant material with a soft tip to lessen the impact on possible tissue contact. The needle and catheter are protected from bending or damage and harsh environmental conditions while in your kit by a hard plastic case.



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