Soluble Hemostatic Gauze

  • PZFL0011
  • Product size: 10X10cm/3.9X3.9″
  • Weight: 20g
  • Package: 300pcs/carton
Advanced hemostatic agent combined with the simplicity of gauze
Vacuum Packed for easy application
Intended for temporary external use to stop bleeding of superficial wounds, minor cuts, and abrasions
Fast-acting technology
Inert and Non-allergenic


The Soluble Herostatic Gauze is a white or light yellow knitted fabric with uniform color and soft textile. It is mainly made up of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. Soluble Hemostatic Gauze can quickly absorb water of exudates from wound surface to form viscous gel. it is effective in immediate herostasis, protecting wound site and accelerating healing for trauma and post operational wound Action mechanism when the Soluble Herostatic Gauze comes In contact with the bleeding site, it can quickly absorb water contents of exudates to form gelatinous mass, which fill wound volds, seal capillary ends, and thereby help stop bleeding,


Additional information

Weight7.44 kg
Dimensions46.1 × 32.5 × 35.6 cm


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