Tourniquet- Plastic

  • model No.: PZZX0011
  • Size: 93*3.8cm
  • Folding size: 16*5*5cm
  • Weight: 88g
  • Package: 100pcs/carton
Record the time to prevent tissue necrosis due to long hemostasis time.
Can withstand huge traction and torsion, improve reliability and safety during tourniquet use, and maintain toughness after multiple uses (only training).
A solid plastic buckle with fast application.


One handed tourniquet-Single route buckle design. Perfect for individual operation when suffering a life threatening extremity bleeding.

V sharp windless clip-Lock the windlass faster and easier than parallel clip.

100% Effective-100% effective in blocking blood flow, quickly controlled the bleeding threatening life.


Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions52 × 35 × 25 cm


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