TRD Quick Release IFAK Trauma Bag

  • model No.: HWJB0037
  • Product size: 150*80*200 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Material: NYLON 500D
  • Color: 2 options
2 × Chest seal
1 × Elastic Bandage
1 × Combat Tape
1 × Hemostatic Gauze
1 × Medical Shears
1 × Sharpie Marker
1 × Golves(1 pair)
1 × 4" Emergency Bandage
1 × Tourniquet
1 × Nasal Airway
1 × Labricant


TRD IFAK opening and closing method adopts quick release design, which can realize the rapidextraction of medical products inside the bag in one step.At the same time, The inner package isdesigned with wrapping storage to ensure that the medical configuration will not be lost due toinertia when removed.
The back of the medical bag is designed with a two-way MOLLE system to maximize the practicalneeds of the user at the fixed level.


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