White Double Dressing Bandage

  • model No.: PZBD0053
  • Product size: 10cm*1.45m(stretch length)
  • Pad size: 10cm*15cm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Material: cotton
The Israeli compression bandage can be applied to multiple parts of the body including: arms, legs, torso, head, and anywhere else.
You can even use this bandage as rings, splints, and a simple tourniquet in an emergency. It exceeds the design of a general first aid bandage.


The RHINO RESCUE Emergency Bandage have a  ABD Pad capable of covering the largest wound areas, the  emergency bandage protects vital
abdominal organs and large wounds to keep them protected and provide hemorrhage control.
The  emergency bandage easily secures to the abdomen, leg, or other large areas with over cm feet of m strengthened elastic wrap sewn onto the
large ABD Pad. The pad and the wrap ensure a tight fit to prevent slipping.
The  emergency bandage comes in a sterile, vacuum-sealed barrier bag, folded to create a small tight package.


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